Be prepared to reshape entire business functions.

We partner with you to invent artificial intelligence solutions that make your enterprises adaptable to unexpected changes. 

Everything we do, we believe in creating sustainable businesses and industries.

Together with you, we create artificial intelligence systems that power the enterprises of the future. Our solutions make your enterprise more efficient, more effective, and more productive.

AI Powers Smart Enterprises

We are a consultancy inventing the next generation of applied artificial intelligence systems. We partner with you to solve the most complex problems challenging your business.

Problem solving doesn’t always come with a blueprint. We proud ourselves with our flexible and adaptable framework for developing and managing AI, which enables us to create valuable solutions in record time. 

Our focus is on practical solutions that that boost enterprise effectiveness and productivity.


People are vital to the success of any technology project. Building an in-house AI team is at best times a challenging task. That is why we help you to equip your team with the most valuable knowledge and skills required to manage, develop, and implement AI products and services. 

AI is an interdisciplinary field. That is why we encourage people to participate and share their experiences, even if they are not part of the core AI team. 

In the end, an amazing product is nothing without users. That is why we strive to create cohesive communities around the products and solutions we build.

Let's Make History. Together.

People and businesses share the same digital world. 

We all produce mountains of data every instant of our lives. Those data are the fuel for an ecosystem of specialised artificial intelligence systems. 

These systems work alongside your teams to improve operations and increase efficiency. 

We support you in harnessing the power of your data to increase your enterprise efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. 

Let’s make history. Together.

Our founders

Dr Andrei Luchici

Director - AI Consultant

I solve business problems using artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and advanced analytics.

When I am not creating data solutions, I write code that helps researchers in cell motility to understand how cells move and interact with each other, or I blog about complex systems, AI, data science, machine learning, and other related topics.

Recently I started taking an interest in applying machine learning to predicting the outcomes of different sports events.

Maria Nanescu

Director - Project Management

I primarily help others understand how artificial intelligence makes a sustainable business environment.

I acknowledged early on in my career that technology changes constantly, and since then I spent my time supporting people to build new deep technologies.

When I am not thinking about new tech or managing projects, I design interiors and go to chocolate tastings.

Enough about us. Tell us about your data.

Dacian Consulting Limited is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales with registered number 09912919.

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