Small and medium manufacturing and mining companies can benefit tremendously from using Industrial IoT and AI. The diagram below presents an overview of a possible use case for Industrial IoT and AI within a crushing and screening plant (the type of factory does not influence the solution, as it can easily be customised to any production setting). We thought that before tackling the issues with the plant equipment, this facility would benefit most from improving industrial assets management. To this aim, we created an IIoT use case that aims to show telematics and other sensors together with real-time and batch AI and Machine Learning can help with asset management.


IoT and AI solution for industrial asset management

IoT and AI solution for industrial asset management


The basis of this system is an ecosystem of connected assets that continuously collect sensor data. The data collected from these sensors can then serve as a basis for:

  • Building machine learning models and running different predictive analytics algorithms
  • Real-time monitoring of asset location, performance, and functioning

This newly created ecosystem of connected assets and smart algorithms is capable of assisting managers and operators to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve delivery times and customer satisfaction
  • Improve overall plant operations
  • Increase control of plant assets